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Project Description
This is a command-line tool written for Sharepoint 2007. The tool synchronizes groups and group memberships from one site collection to another within a Sharepoint Farm.

When run, the tool builds a list of all Sharepoint Groups in the From Site Collection. The tool then creates any missing groups in the To Site Collection. Once the groups are ready, all group memberships are copied over. By default, the tool leaves the existing members in place in the To Site Collection, and appends any new group members. There is a run-time option that first clears the group members instead.

This is a one-way push only. Group memberships are not synched back to the From Site Collection.

Run-time options are:
from: The URL of the Site Collection that you are getting group memberships from.
EG -from:
-to: The URL of the Site Collection that you are pushing group memberships to.
EG -to:
-grouplist: Path of file containing your group list.
EG -grouplist:c:\groupsynch\groups.txt
The file should be text listing groups 1 per line.
-All: Get all groups in the From Site Collection. Overrides the -grouplist setting.
-Clear: Clear all existing group memberships from the To Site Collection.
If -Clear is not set, new Users will be appended to the Group Membership list.
-log: Allows you to save a log of actions taken. Just point to a valid location.
EG -log:c:\groupsynch\log.txt
-email: Email address that will be sent a copy of the results.

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